Our History

Thanks to yoga, to the macrobiotics and also thanks to our mature conviction to want to live more natural, in 1983 was born “L’Albero del Sole“, business partner: my wife and me.
And so I quit my job, built an oven at home, where the living room used to be, baked organic wholegrain bread and bought a stone mill to grind grain.
It was not easy in the beginning!
Especially to learn the dose and temperatures, how to make a “sourdough” and where to get guaranteed organic raw materials!
It was a continuous search and tries that sometimes failed.
My first price list consisted of a single article: wholegrain focaccia from organic soft wheat flour.
I produced 15 kg a week!
Over time, the bread varieties have risen to 9: durum wheat, sesame seeds, soy, rye, poppy, linseed, sunflower seeds, rice and barley. To the bread were added savory and sweet rusks, after a few years’ grissini and finally new biscuits.
Meanwhile, I have also included the stone-milled Gomasio in my production.
In all these difficult years of activity next to the products, many other things have changed: I had to adapt to the needs of new customers and new regulations. I enlarged the lab, bought more machines, hired one, and then another employee.
But the original spirit has not changed. On the contrary, the decision to work exclusively in the organic sector has become more and more mature, the suppliers carefully selected and the origin of the raw materials certified (I am a member of the AIAB, Italian Organic Farming Association).
This all in order to offer my customers qualitatively different, high-quality and handmade products that meet the different tastes and needs, to guarantee a healthier and more natural diet.

The inclusion of my daughter in the business for several years has given new impetus to the activity thanks to her youthful creativity and initiative, and will ensure that this important experience developed in our family becomes more innovative and enduring over time.

Now we are working on a new challenge: promoting our products abroad.

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